What happened in 13 Reasons Why Season 2? The series returns khổng lồ Netflix on August 23 for season 3 but we know you probably need a refresher on everything that went down in season 2.

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13 Reasons Why is back for season 3 on the 23rd of August và we already have a massive mystery khổng lồ mull over before then. The trailer dropped on Thursday, August 1st và we're desperate khổng lồ know who killed Bryce Walker. With the amount of enemies the star athlete và serial rapist made in season one & two, it was only a matter of time before something really bad happened khổng lồ him.

If you're anything like us, you'll need a 13 Reasons Why season two recap just lớn refresh your memory on all the truly wild storylines and plot points from last season. Chloe is pregnant with Bryce's baby, Justin is hiding his drug problem and, oh yeah, Clay stupidly decides khổng lồ help Tyler evade the law after the bullied teen plans a mass shooting.

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What happened in 13 Reasons Why season 2?

Hannah Baker and her legacy have been a huge animating force since season one. But, with Katherine Langford's official exit from the show, the characters will be pivoting hard lớn new storylines and the big mystery of who killed Bryce Walker.

But before we dive head long into season three, here's what we need to remember from season two.

Clay released Hannah's tapes on the mạng internet so everyone could know "the truth".

In season one of 13 Reasons Why, the main characters are desperate to keep the tapes from getting out to the public. However, in season two, that all goes out the window when Clay decides to lớn release the tapes himself.

After going back & forth with the ghost of Hannah Baker (aka his conscience) he decides that it is in everyone's best interests for it to lớn be released. So, we're heading into season three with the knowledge that everything is out in the open.

13 Reasons Why Clay and Hannah. Picture: Netflix

Clay said goodbye to lớn Hannah's ghost and Hannah's mum moved to New York.

After the trial, Clay makes an emotional speech about Hannah & we see her "ghost" walk out of the room. This represented Clay turning the metaphorical page on the Hannah Baker fixation that caused him khổng lồ see her as a "ghost" for the entire season.

Hannah's mother (played by Kate Walsh) also spent much of the season investigating her daughter's life. Her marriage breaks down and in the kết thúc she decides to lớn move to thành phố new york to honour Hannah's memory.

We probably won't be seeing much of Hannah's mother but, who knows, she could make an appearance when the series draws to lớn a close in season four.

Netflix 13 Reasons Why Kate Walsh. Picture: Netflix

Clay's parents are adopting Justin but he is still struggling with addiction

At the kết thúc of season one Justin is so consumed with guilt over his cowardice that he picks up & leaves town. While Justin is away, he develops a drug addiction.

When Clay & Tony find Justin in season two, they help him detox.

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Meanwhile Clay's parents allow Justin to stay in their home and it finally seems like Justin might have a stable home life.

Clay reveals that his parents are interested in adopting Justin và things seem khổng lồ be looking up. However, it soon become clear that Justin isn't entirely clean yet.

This will definitely be a huge point of tension in season three.

Clay's family adopts Justin on 13 Reasons Why. Picture: Netflix

Chloe lied for Bryce on the stand and she is pregnant with his baby

In season two of 13 Reasons Why, we find out that Bryce raped Chloe while she was unconscious in the Club House.

When Clay và the others let her know what happened to her, Chloe agrees khổng lồ testify against him. When she gets on the stand, though, she changes her testimony và later we find out that she is pregnant with Bryce's baby.

Chloe in Netflix 13 Reasons Why. Picture: Netflix

Bryce does not get punished for his crimes.

Despite the mountain of evidence against him, Bryce manages to lớn evade real punishment. He raped Hannah, Jessica, and Chloe but only receives three months probation for everything that he has done.

Fans have wanted Bryce lớn face the consequences of his actions since season one & it looks like someone takes matters into their own hands in season three.

Bryce Walker on the stand. Picture: Netflix

Tyler was assaulted by Monty.

One of the most controversial moments in season two involved Tyler being assaulted by Monty in the school bathroom.

This is seen as a huge catalyst for Tyler's planned rampage và it will certainly come up again in season three.

Tyler 13 Reasons Why assault. Picture: Netflix

Tyler plans lớn shoot up the school during the dance but Clay stops him.

Perhaps the biggest thing you need to remember ahead of season three is Tyler's plot lớn kill his classmates in a deadly school shooting.

The entire season subtly hinted that Tyler had some deep issues that desperately needed khổng lồ be addressed. After Tyler is assaulted by Monty, he experiences a breakdown and plots khổng lồ shoot up the school during a dance.

Surprisingly, Clay helps Tyler escape the scene after convincing him not lớn go through with the shooting. This leads to our big cliffhanger going into season three. Will Tyler evade the police? Will Clay take the fall for him? Will the others cover for Tyler?