Calling all aspiring design talents in the Asia-Pacific region! Here’s your chance to showcase your distinctive bathroom space designs & make your mark in the creative industry.

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Asia pacific property awards 2021 22
LIXIL continues its recognition of industry excellence in partnership with International Property Awards.
Four power brand
American Standard showcases Purposeful Solutions for a Comfortable Living at the 26th Kitchen và Bath đài loan trung quốc 2021, Shanghai.
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Signature trang chủ desktop
Experience the true engineering superiority of Signature Collection. With smooth curved joints & seamless finishing, there is no compromise on design and functionality.
Embodying the best of design và technology, Acacia SupaSleek™ Collection boasts ultra-thin edges & super sleek lines in classy, elegant harmony that will elevate bathrooms lớn new heights of luxury.
Our tự động Temperature Mixer Collection promises a hassle-free và comforting shower experience at your fingertips. Find out how lớn elevate your shower experience khổng lồ a brand new màn chơi of enjoyment và convenience for you & your family!
E. Coli, which thrives in bathrooms can cause diarrhea – the 2nd leading cause of death in children under 5 years old cited by the World Health Organization.

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Integrating modern sensibilities and the latest in Hygiene Technologies, the KASTELLO collection boasts a classic style with a modern flair, making it an epitome of timeless design & functionality.
Raising the standard through bathroom solutions that exude an inviting style & designed with purposeful functions, delivering superior performance và lasting quality.
Faucets & fixtures with unmatched design and chất lượng for over 140 years. American Standard toilets, faucets, bathtubs, and showers will help complete your bathroom project.

American Standard kitchen faucets and sinks will be the centerpiece of your beautiful new kitchen or remodeling project. Browse for the designs you love and get the American Standard unique you know.

Dream Bathrooms by American Standard. Complete bathroom solutions that exude an inviting style. Bathroom inspirations you will be proud khổng lồ own & show off. Let your dream bathroom inspirations become a reality with American Standard.