BlueStacks Emulator puts the app android operating system on your desktop. BlueStacks is the first production software that allows you khổng lồ use your favorite smartphone apps on a Windows PC. You can download apps lượt thích Angry Birds Space, Temple Run, Evernote or Documents khổng lồ Go directly into BlueStacks, or sync the apps from your phone using the BlueStacks Cloud Connect game android app. And, basically this application is an android emulator for PC.

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Latest Version: download Bluestacks 5 for Windows 10

Bluestacks Offline Installer

We are also provide you with some mirror of bluestacks offline installer on Google Drive. Here we go

What’s New in BlueStacks 4 for Windows 10

Purpose. This article will acquaint you with the advantages of our latest release BlueStacks 4 which lets you choose to see the content of your choice on BlueStacks for PC.

Benefits. Increased BlueStacks performance as there is low CPU và memory usage on your machine.

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BlueStacks 4 – Simple and Lean. BlueStacks 4 takes you back lớn its game android roots – the home screen is simple, lean and clutter-free, with no tabs, as shown below. You may choose to lớn launch services App Center, BlueStacks World etc only when you desire lớn use them.

BlueStacks 4 is Fast. The CPU and memory consumption on your machine is optimized because it is simple and lean, providing you a smooth & zippy experience.

Bluestacks now tư vấn for Windows 11 PC, download now on this page:

Bluestacks for Windows 11 PC Latest Version

What’s New Bluestacks 2 for MAC:

macOS version updated to Launcher is a pure game android (AOSP) styled launcher. It is tuned to work quickly with smooth animations và has now replaced our existing launcher.BlueStacks tài khoản with new login screen (look and feel).Added the ability to view/mute tiện ích notifications.Added the ability khổng lồ detect run-time errors in BlueStacks (i.e. RPC error, đen screen, etc.) & fixes them automatically with user’s consent.BlueStacks tiện ích player uses “High Performance” plan when active, & falls back lớn the user’s default power plan upon exiting.Keyboard fixes: keyboard stops working the moment we press alt key.AltGr doesn’t work for international keyboard layout

Bluestacks Old Version


Bluestacks Alternatives for PC

Like other, no software is perfect. Bluestacks also have some problems lượt thích size, some errors, performance and more. So, if you are looking for BlueStacks alternatives for Windows 10 PC và MAC, then you have done the right thing by read on this section. Here you can try some app android Emulator for Bluestacks Alternatives in 2021.


Please use the Bluestacks for PC software by wisely. We are not responsible with misuse of the apps. All Logos & Trademark Belongs to Their Respective Owners