It only works with không lấy phí applications on the Play Store, whether you’ve purchased the tiện ích or not, so you won’t be able lớn use this method to nói qua paid APKs online with friends or other internet users. What you will be able lớn do, however, is use the application to lớn emulate miễn phí apps, transfer APKs lớn your phone manually, or anything else you would want lớn use a downloaded apk for.

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APK Downloader uses the exact file from the Google Play Store, complete with the same MD5 certificate included on standard Google-certified downloads.


Either trang web will work for your needs, though we found APKMirror khổng lồ be the better of the two offerings, with a thiết kế that makes it easy lớn browse through popular và recent app android files. Whereas APKPure resembles the appearance of an tiện ích store, complete with a rotating carousel of highlighted apps và a các mục of “hot” apps & games, APKMirror is more about allowing users to lớn sideload applications for recent updates or third-party software.

It’s also a little more technical, as APKMirror allows users to tải về specific versions of the applications to run on their device’s architecture. Meanwhile, APKPure simply supplies a standard app android file for most phones. Both websites supply users with standard QR codes to lớn scan & load app downloads on their phone, và APKPure also offers a dedicated application for Android, allowing you to download the apps directly to lớn your phone without having to lớn use your browser.


To use these applications, simply head over to lớn either website and search for the application of your choice. On APKMirror, once you’ve pulled up the most recent version of an application, tap the “See available APKs” listing on the display. This will bring you khổng lồ a full list of variants for different system architectures, as we mentioned above. Some apps have multiple versions for older phones, while other apps have only one package. Choose the tiện ích that best fits your phone, & use the tải về APK button to download the ứng dụng directly khổng lồ your device. If you’re on the desktop website, you can use the QR code generator lớn automatically create a scannable liên kết to the app’s page to use on your phone.

Meanwhile, on APKPure, the process is a bit simpler. Once you’ve found the app to install, instead of focusing on your hardware variant, simply tap the Download button, or use the QR code on the app’s listing page to download the file. If you download the apk to your computer but need to install it on your phone, simply use a USB cable to transfer the file from your computer to your phone.

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They don’t have every phầm mềm imaginable, but they vì chưng have the majority of the software you could want on your device. Whether you’re looking for an app not supported by your phone, restricted from your location, or an unreleased, beta, or disallowed application from the Play Store, it’s easy khổng lồ find on third-party app android sites.

Things khổng lồ Keep in Mind When Downloading APKs

When downloading anything from the internet, we recommend caution, especially when using third-party services for torrents. Even though file sharing/mirroring is a great way to lớn increase download times, there’s always the possibility that something malicious was added lớn it.

The majority of game android sites aren’t safe for most users. If the site seems to be offering pirated applications or shady tệp tin types, don’t use the site. Instead, stick with ways that allow you khổng lồ get your files directly from Google.

APK và the Google Play Store

Overall, apk Downloader represents a good way to download APKs directly from Google’s own trang web without using a third-party service, though the limitations on the platform definitely put a damper on things. So does the lack of a dedicated extension for Chrome, though the website can be bookmarked và accessed with relative ease. There are some bugs and occasional hiccups in the service, but at the kết thúc of the day, game android Downloader is one of the only ways to grab android packages directly from the Play Store.

If that doesn’t matter to lớn you, however, using APKMirror or APKPure is just as easy, often without the restrictions and error messages received with app android Downloader.

Feel free to nói qua your thoughts & experiences downloading APKs from the Google Play Store below.