How to turn off screen overlay in sony z3 android 6

Select “Apps That Can Appear on Top”.

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This will open a danh mục of all the apps you have granted permission to lớn use screen overlay.


Tap the switch next lớn an tiện ích to turn off screen overlay.

Disabling Screen Overlay on LG Smartphones

Similar to lớn the Samsung Galaxy, the steps khổng lồ turn off screen overlay on LG smartphones are different from stock Android. To lớn resolve the “screen overlay detected” error, you will need to vày the following:

Go to Settings.Select “Apps”.Tap the three dots icon in the top-left corner of the screen.From the dropdown menu, select “Configure Apps”.

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Under Advanced, tap “Draw Over Other Apps”.Find the app you think is causing the problem và tap its name.In the pop-up menu, switch the toggle next to lớn “Permit Drawing Over Other Apps” to “off”.

How khổng lồ Know Which phầm mềm Is Causing the Error

If you have just one or two apps with screen overlay permissions, finding the culprit will be a fairly easy task. However, most of us have dozens of such apps installed on our phones, many of them constantly running in the background, so identifying the problem tiện ích may prove difficult.

Rather than revoking the permission for all apps, try to vì chưng so for one app at a time. As soon as you’ve done that, try running the phầm mềm that gave you the “screen overlay detected” error lớn see if it has been resolved. If you don’t receive another error message, you’ve successfully identified your culprit. But if the error persists, turn on screen overlay for the tiện ích you just tested và move further down the list.

Error Resolved

Although the “screen overlay detected” error is very frustrating, it can be resolved very quickly. The process is similar for all apk devices, so the steps outlined in this article should help you fix the issue even if you’re using some other version of the operating system.

Keep in mind that some apps – lượt thích the already mentioned blue light filter Twilight – need screen overlay enabled lớn work properly. As such, it is best khổng lồ disable the feature only for the tiện ích that’s triggering the error rather than doing so for all apps at once.