Kono hoshi de ichiban akarui tokoro

Yuki Hayakawa has cherished Takao Mochizuki since they were kids, but now Takao has found someone more special... Yuki comes out of this love triangle feeling defeated. Takao"s homeroom teacher, Mr. Kanda, offers khổng lồ comfort Yuki & suddenly kisses him, whispering, "I"ve been watching you all this time." Feeling sad & lost, Yuki lets Mr. Kanda make love khổng lồ him... Where will this relationship that started with a physical connection go?

Love Chemistry LabVol: 1; Ch: 72000

When science teacher Koshigaya decides to experiment with his sexuality at a gay club, he"s recognized -- và by a student, no less! Mischievous Katou decides to use what he saw that evening to his advantage, and the next day, Koshigaya finds himself cornered in the chemistry lab. Science is about to lớn get sexy!

TagsBLYaoiWhere It RainsVol: 1HertZ2007

"There are people who stand in the way, just by existing.” After cowardly quitting his company and abandoning his wife and child, Izumi Karashima takes up a job as Suzu Kotomiya’s private tutor. After meeting Suzu, and hitting it off, he becomes intimidated by Suzu’s invasive attachment & expectations. Angered by Izumi’s attempt khổng lồ leave him, Suzu boldly declares “I didn’t give you permission to lớn run away” & shackles Karashima with a belt.

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TagsBLYaoiSono Toge wa NukanaiVol: 1Hanaoto2012

A popular flower shop has many male workers who are as beautiful as flowers. Hataoka Kei, one of the staff there, uses all possible methods to lớn make his one-sided love for his high-school teacher, Umehara, comes true and now they"re spending their happy days together. But he doesn’t know what the slow Umehara could be thinking, that’s why the distance between them can’t be shortened that easily...!

TagsBLYaoiSensei Fushidara DesuyoVol: 1; Ch: 5Ciel2019

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TagsBLYaoiGive It khổng lồ Me, TeachVol: 1; Ch: 82008

I"m 24, a teacher, and... I"m being hit on by my 17-year-old student in front of his classmates. What kind of joke is this!? He steals a kiss from me after class ends one day, and even though I promptly stop it, just that one little kiss sends me reeling! He"s my student, và yet all I want to bởi vì is stare at him... Into those beautiful eyes... Which will win; a student"s lust or a teacher"s logic?

Shirai is a math teacher with a problem... A handsome young problem, named Akagi. Akagi is an actor, but he"s still in school, và can"t always make it on time to lớn class. As a result, Shirai has to give him individual instruction to lớn ensure that his studies don"t suffer. The problem is, Akagi is in love with Shirai, and won"t give him a moment"s peace.

“Taiga’s fingers feel so good, I can’t think straight…” Makihara’s a high school teacher who’s asked by a friend to give a home to his nephew. Waiting for him when he gets trang chủ is Taiga, the ultra-perfect student council president at the school where Makihara teaches!! Even though he explains that there’s no way a teacher and student from the same school can live together, somehow Taiga’s very enthusiastic about it. What’s more, Taiga finds out that Makihara is gay, and in exchange for keeping it a secret, he asks Makihara lớn practice sex with him…!? Student x Teacher’s close-knit roommate love!!

Thanks to the incredible last words of his grandfather,​ young and adorable Makoto"s virginity is the target of every teacher who wants lớn be principal of his school! Will fleeing to the mountains to recruit his childhood friend Kintaro be the answer khổng lồ his prayers.​.. And wildest fantasies?​

At a thiết kế firm called Yebisu Graphics, only the best – và the best looking – are accepted. It’s a place for classy design, classy society, & classy love affairs. The dễ thương new part-timer, Haruka Fujinami, happens lớn catch his boss’s eye… Is he only getting teased, or is there something more between them?

When Kazuomi Honjou gets dumped by yet another girlfriend who realizes he has just been using her, he finds himself in need of a place khổng lồ stay. When he runs into adorable mã sản phẩm Mizuki Shinohara, he makes him an offer - a night he’ll never forget in exchange for a roof over his head. But what starts as a bit of fun for Kazuomi suddenly starts lớn feel serious. Could the man whohas never truly lovedanyonebe falling for a guy he just met?

TagsBLYaoiAdult CouplesMature RomanceSexual ContentThis Boy Suffers from CrystallizationOVA (1 ep)CoMix Wave Films2014

High school boy Ayumu Tamari finds it hard lớn attend his classes especially since he had lớn repeat the year due to lớn suffering from a strange syndrome which makes parts of its body"s skin turn into a crystal whenever he experiences a strong emotion or stress. Khổng lồ the rescue comes his homeroom teacher Kouya Onihara, who also happens khổng lồ love crystals. The relationship between them grows as Tamari tries to fit into his classes & other daily activities thanks khổng lồ the pleasant time he spends in Onihara"s office, which allows him to relax more (and crystallize less) acting more naturally towards his classmates.

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TagsBLDramaShounen-aiComing of AgeSchool LifeStudent-Teacher RelationshipSupernaturalFudanshi Shoukan: Isekai de Shinjuu ni Hameraremashita Mini Anime 2nd SeasonWeb (3 eps)AQUA ARIS2021

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