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Live Photos is one of the best new camera features on the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus. But how does it actually work và what can you vì chưng with it?

When táo bị cắn unveiled its two new smartphones to the world, we fully anticipated there’d be changes made in the camera department. We got more megapixels, the ability to lớn shoot 4K đoạn phim and we also got something called Live Photos.

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If you already have a new iPhone nestling in your pocket, then you might be using the new camera mode without even knowing about it.

So what does Live Photos bring khổng lồ the 6S and 6S party? We’ve spent plenty of time trying it out lớn see how well it works, the best way lớn shoot them & what you can vì with them.

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What is a Live Photo?

A Live Photo is essentially a way lớn bring your photos khổng lồ life by capturing a few seconds of video when you’re taking a photo on your iPhone. It’s a bit like a Gif, but it can also capture audio at the same time.

If you’ve used a Lumia phone recently, then it’s very similar to the Living Images mode. It’s not something new but simply hãng apple putting its own chất lượng spin on it.

How exactly does it work?

Apple hasn’t given a precise technical breakdown of the process but here’s basically what happens.

Using either the front-facing or rear-facing cameras, with Live Photos mode turned on, the camera will take a photo và record a 3-second MOV clip file at the same time. That’s 1.5 seconds before và after the static photo lớn create the Live Photo.

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Do Live Photos work on the iPhone SE?

Yes, Live Photos are one of the features of Apple’s brand-new mini sized, 4-inch iPhone SE. But, there’s a catch. As the dinky phone doesn’t have 3d Touch, you actually have lớn long press on a snap to lớn make it move, rather than just 3 chiều Touching it. Everything else though, seems lớn be the same.

What can you vị with them?

You can then view those photos in the Photo tiện ích or alternatively phối them as an animated wallpaper. To bởi vì the latter, go khổng lồ Settings in your iPhone and then select Wallpaper. Find the Live Photo from your Camera Roll, preview it và then hit Set. You can use it as your Lock Screen, trang chủ Screen or both.

You can also now share Live Photos on Facebook and Tumblr. Uploading a Live Photo khổng lồ Facebook is the same as a regular photo, but there’s an option lớn use the moving version during the upload process. Viewing Live Photos on Facebook isn’t restricted to just iPhone 6S users, as anyone can view them.

How do you take a Live Photo?

Live Photos currently only works on the iPhone 6S và 6S Plus so make sure you have one of those first. Sorry old iPhone users.

To take one, mở cửa the Camera app and make sure the circular icon in between the HDR và timer options is illuminated. If it’s not lit up, tap to turn it on. Next, point your camera và take a picture as normal. Keep your phone stationary for two-three seconds and wait until the yellow coloured viewfinder appears & then disappears.


How vày you view a Live Photo?

Once that Live Photo is captured, you can head lớn the Photos phầm mềm and tìm kiếm the Camera Roll for photos tagged with ‘Live’. Using the new 3d touch screen available on the iPhone 6S và the 6S Plus, you can press down hard on the screen lớn animate the image.

Apple says you can also view Live Photos on other ios 9 devices like the iPhone 6, the táo bị cắn dở Watch running OS 2, và Macs packing OS X El Capitan.

In the OS X 10.11.4 beta, apple added tư vấn for Live Photos in the Messages app.

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We’re still playing around with our táo khuyết Watch lớn see how it works, but here’s how you can bởi it on older iPhones và compatible Macs.

Viewing Live Photos on other quả táo 9 devices

If you’re friends haven’t upgraded lớn a 6S or 6S Plus, that doesn’t mean they have khổng lồ be left out entirely from the Live Photo fun. Once you’ve taken one you can simply chia sẻ it via a Message or something lượt thích Airdrop. Once it’s being received, you can press on the image to play it lượt thích a video.

We’ve tried this taking a Live Photo on an iPhone 6S Plus và sending it via iMessage khổng lồ an iPhone 6 và it does work.

View Live Photos on Macs running on OS X El Capitan

To view Live Photos on your Mac, it’s a pretty straightforward process. Connect your iPhone with the Live Photos in the standard way and it’ll launch Photos.

Find the Live Photos you want to giới thiệu (look for the circular icon khổng lồ identify them) và import them just lượt thích you would with a normal photo. Once that’s done, go to lớn your photo library và look for the image. You’ll be able lớn hover the mouse cursor over the thumbnail lớn animate the photo or open it take it full screen và click on the image to play.

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You can, in the latest 10.11.4 beta, also view Live Photos on your Mac through the Messages app.

What chất lượng is the Live Photo captured in?

If you’ve used the rear-facing camera, it’ll be a 12-megapixel image or a 5-megapixel one with the front-facing one.

The short đoạn clip created is recorded at a not so impressive sounding 15fps. In comparison, shooting a full HD video on the new iPhones can be shot at a maximum 60fps.

How big are the Live Photo tệp tin sizes?

With a Live Photo, you can expect tệp tin sizes khổng lồ be double of what a normal photo will take up in storage on your phone. That’s because it’s creating & saving a JPG & a MOV file. So a 2MB image is going khổng lồ jump to 4MB. If you’ve got a 16GB iPhone, you probably don’t want khổng lồ get too carried away with your Live Photo shooting.


How can you nói qua Live Photos?

We’ve already touched on how you can bởi it with other tiện ích ios 9-packing iPhone owners, but what if you want to bởi it through Facebook, Twitter or even to an android phone?

As we mentioned above, you can mô tả Live Photos through Facebook and Tumblr & viewing isn’t restricted to iPhone 6S users.

How can your turn off Live Photos?

Live Photos is turned on as a default và you can tell it’s on by the illuminated icon on the camera app. It looks like a little sun if you’re struggling khổng lồ spot it. Tap on it and the ‘Live Off’ notification should flash up at the đứng top of the screen.

Should you keep Live Photo mode turned on all the time?

Not if you value low-light shooting. Apparently, Live Photo mode can impact on taking pictures at night và the reason being is that with the phone required to lớn record đoạn clip at 15fps, it’s difficult for the iPhone’s camera khổng lồ leave the exposure long enough to lớn allow in more light and deliver a brighter, clear image. So when it gets dark và you’re taking stills, remember to lớn turn it off.Related: Best điện thoại deals: Top smartphone offers this month


Does Live Photos work with third các buổi tiệc nhỏ apps?

Currently, this is a feature that only works with Apple’s native camera app. But táo has opened up the API for Live Photos, which does mean that third tiệc ngọt app developers can integrate the functionality if they want to.

Tips on taking a good Live Photo s

There’s a couple of key things you need to lớn think about if you don’t want to waste that Live Photo opportunity or simply don’t know when it’s a good time khổng lồ use it. We’ve found that the best scenario is finding a static scene where there’s just a solitary object you’d like to animate. Lượt thích a boat on a river for instance. When there’s multiple animated objects in the frame, Live Photos struggles to lớn keep things stable.

The other thing you need to lớn remember is lớn keep your phone in position after a picture has been taken. It’s a natural reaction khổng lồ take a picture with your new iPhone and immediately move the phone down. If you vày that with Live Photos then you’ll end up with a lot of Live Photos finishing up with a shot of your feet. So keep that phone in position like you’re taking a video and you should be all good.

Live photos & iOS 9.1

The first major update to quả táo 9 brings a small, yet vital, change khổng lồ Live Photos. The ứng dụng will now know when you raise và lower your hands, so your snaps shouldn’t kết thúc with a view of your toes. Nice.

Thanks to lớn Three for the iPhone 6S và 6S Plus handsets used in this feature.

Have you been using Live Photos on your iPhone 6S or 6S Plus? Let us know what you think of it so far in the comments section below.