How can i install gta san andreas for free?

GTA: San Andreas had its fair share of insane transportation options. If you"re keen on unlocking them all (that too without cheats), here"s how.

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While you could unlock the Jetpack by simply using cheat codes in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas – The Definitive Edition, earning it legit is also an option.You’ll have khổng lồ wait until CJ gets the “Black Project” mission at the Airstrip (which occurs roughly halfway into the game). It must be done between 8 PM và 6 AM, and involves infiltrating the secret military base.

To vì this, you’ll need khổng lồ find the control tower in the base & use it to xuất hiện the blast doors. Avoid being detected by the searchlights – worse come worse, don’t shoot out more than two or the blast doors will be closed. If this happens, look for a vent that will lead into the base’s interior.

When dealing with the various patrolling soldiers, it’s possible to lớn snipe them from afar but you could also use the Thermal Goggles lớn detect & avoid them. Once inside, disable the base’s defenses – this will be key to lớn your escape. Next, look for a keycard (there will be a scientist who hands it khổng lồ you) and access the black Project – which is the Jetpack – in the launch bay.

The Jetpack is capable of ascending (with X/Right Trigger/Spacebar) và descending (Square/Left Trigger/Shift), with the Left Stick/directional keys being used for movement. Hold B/Left Mouse Button to fire a weapon while flying with the Jetpack. To lớn remove it, descend until you’re on the ground and then press Triangle/Y/F.

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Once you obtain the Jetpack in the mission, the alarm will trigger. Use it to escape to Arco del Oeste. The Truth will be waiting & takes the Jetpack but don’t worry. Return khổng lồ the Airstrip to receive the “Green Goo” mission next. This one is fairly straightforward – you’ll assault a train while using the Jetpack và after taking out the guards, search for the Green Goo in question. Shoot the crates until you find a jar with the Green Goo inside. Take it, escape and return to lớn The Truth.

Once this is done, the Jetpack is now permanently unlocked & can be found near the AC Tower in Verdant Meadows airfield.

How to Unlock the Hydra

The Hydra is your standard harrier with VTOL capabilities and while it may take a while khổng lồ unlock it, the destructive power nguồn can’t be underestimated. First, you need to complete the mission “Vertical Bird” which involves infiltrating an assault ship in the Easter Basin Naval Station, stealing the Hydra & using it khổng lồ destroy some spy ships. Sneaking through the ship is the best option but you can also go in guns blazing, if desired.

Once you have access khổng lồ the Hydra, use it to take down any pursuing ships, then make your way to the flotilla of spy ships. Since it has VTOL capabilities, the Hydra can ascend and descend (using the same controls as the Jetpack). However, you can also shift lớn plane mode by pressing the Right Analog Stick/Num 2 and then pressing forward on the stick (or simply pressing Num 8 on keyboard).

After taking down the spy ships, you’ll then fly the Hydra back khổng lồ the Verdant Meadows airfield. Once this is done, it will be permanently available at the airfield, though you can also find one in Easter Basin Naval Station and the secret military base where you got the Jetpack.

All Special Vehicles và How to Unlock Them

Besides the Jetpack and Hydra, let’s take a quick look at all of the other special vehicles in the game & how lớn permanently unlock them:

Leviathan – Complete the mission “Up, Up & Away” and it will be unlocked in the Verdant Meadows airfield. Otherwise, after completing the mission “Learning lớn Fly”, go to lớn Easter bay Airport – it will be present next to the Raindance. Pink Club – Enter a relationship with Millie and reach 50 percent to lớn unlock. Dumper – Complete all of the Quarry missions. Hustler – Enter a relationship with Denise & reach 50 percent khổng lồ unlock. BF Injection – Win the đen Field Stadium event in Las Venturas. Dune – Win the đen Field Stadium sự kiện in Las Venturas. Super GT – Complete driving school missions for all cars. It will be located in the driving school’s parking lot. Police Ranger – Enter a relationship with Barbara & reach 50 percent to lớn unlock. Hotring Racer – Participate in and win the 8-Track Stadium in the Los Santos Forum. Blood Ring – Win the Corvin Stadium sự kiện in San Fierro. Bandito – Enter a relationship with Helena và reach 50 percent to lớn unlock. Dozer – Located in Angel Pines Junk Yard & the construction site in Rockshore West. Completing all Quarry missions unlocks it permanently. Quái nhân – Enter a relationship with Michelle và reach 50 percent khổng lồ unlock. Can also be unlocked by winning the 8-Track Stadium in Los Santos Forum. Rhino – Either steal it from the secret military base (though good luck getting out in one piece) or 100 percent the game. The latter causes it near CJ’s house under the bridge. Romero – Enter a relationship with Katie và reach 50 percent to lớn unlock. Bullet – Earn Silver Medals in driving school missions for all cars lớn unlock it. Hotknife – Earn Gold Medals in driving school missions for all cars lớn unlock it. Rustler – Complete all flying school missions. Located in the Verdant Meadows airfield hangar. Stuntplane – Earn all Silver Medals from flight school. Hunter – Earn all Gold Medals from flight school khổng lồ unlock this powerful attack chopper. Marquis – Complete all boat school missions lớn unlock. Will be located at the docks. Squalo – Earn Silver Medals from all of the boat school missions. Jetmax – Earn Gold Medals from all of the boat school missions. Freeway – Complete all bike school missions lớn unlock this motorcycle. It will be in the parking lot in front of the school upon unlocking. FCR-9000 – Earn Silver Medals in all of the xe đạp school’s missions. NRG-500 – Earn Gold Medals in all of the bike school’s missions.