Gummy "i haven't met park boyoung yet, husband jo jung suk is filming so…"

The stars of Korean drama ‘Oh My Ghost’ talk about supernatural encounters, onscreen smooches, và gush about Yeo Jin Goo and EXO’s D.O.

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Photos: Tammi TanVideo: Teng Siew Eng, Vina Chia

After nearly a decade of acting, South Korean actress Park Bo Young finally landed her first onscreen kissing scenes in Oh My Ghost, which she got to nói qua with musical theatre heartthrob đến Jung Seok.

This show also happens khổng lồ be the 25-year-old’s first television series in seven years, as she had only taken on movies during that period, including wildly successful flicks A Werewolf Boy, alongside tuy nhiên Joong Ki, và Speedy Scandal with thân phụ Tae Hyun.

“It’s not that I was deliberately avoiding dramas, but it was all about timing, & this one came at a good time for me,” Bo Young clarified in an interview with Toggle yesterday (September 4), when she and Jung Seok, 34, were in town for a fan hâm mộ meeting và to promote the show’s airing in Singapore.

She added that she was also drawn khổng lồ the idea of taking on two different roles in one series, as her character, the timid mãng cầu Bong Sun, turns into a seductress when she is possessed by sex-crazed ghost Shin Soon Ae. The object of Soon Ae’s lustful affections is Bong Sun’s boss, star chef Kang Sun Woo, played by Jung Seok.

“I don’t lượt thích aggressive women but if they look lượt thích Park Bo Young, then it’s fine,” Jung Seok, who is dating singer Gummy, quipped during the press conference.

Although it was Bo Young who was making her televised smooching debut, Jung Seok admitted to being nervous as well. “I felt a lot of pressure because I wanted it to look good for Bo Young’s sake,” he said. “We didn’t rehearse that much but everything came naturally and there weren’t many bloopers.”

“All the staff knew it was my first ever kissing scene so they made it very comfortable for me,” Bo Young elaborated.

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Continued on next slide: Jung Seok và Bo Young rate each other’s onscreen kissing skills


When we asked Bo Young to award points to lớn Jung Seok’s kissing skills, she adorably misunderstood our instruction và ended up giving herself 7/10. “I was really shy và I think my kissing scenes were not as good as those in other dramas I studied,” she confessed.

Jung Seok, on the other hand, scored a full ten marks from his giggling, gushing co-star. “There are no other words to lớn describe it,” she said.

The actor, however, ended up being the far more generous one. “(I would rate her kissing skills) 100 (out of 10),” he said with confidence và without hesitation when we posed the same question to lớn him in a separate interview.

Continued on next slide: Jung Seok recalls his own real-life ghostly encounter


All this talk of spirits and possession had us wondering out loud if Oh My Ghost’s leads have ever run into any supernatural beings. While Bo Young said she has yet to experience that, Jong Seok had a spine-chilling tale khổng lồ regale us with.

“In 2005, I was preparing for my musical Grease, but I was tired so I decided lớn take a nap backstage,” he recalled. “Suddenly, a cleaning lady came and told me it was too cold to sleep there, và that I should sleep in the waiting room. I said I was fine và stayed there, but then I realised that the area I was in was too small for anyone lớn enter.”

It gets creepier. He continued, “I thought it was weird, so I asked my colleagues if they’ve seen a cleaning lady around, và they said that there were no cleaning ladies – only men. I then learned from someone else that a few years ago, there had been a fire in the theatre and two cleaning ladies died.”

While such an experience would probably leave most of us cowering in fear of cleaning aunties everywhere, brave Jung Seok considered his caring apparition as “a spirit who was trying to lớn look out for me”.

Continued on next slide: Bo Young would lượt thích to work with EXO’s D.O.


Since her showbiz start in 2006, Bo Young has had the good fortune of working with almost every Hallyu hunk you can name: Lee Min Ho, Lee Jong Suk, Joo Won, & of course, tuy vậy Joong Ki and phụ vương Tae Hyun. So which one of these charming co-stars is her favourite?

“This is a very difficult question!” she exclaimed after mulling it over (with more giggles, naturally). “It’s like asking if I love my mum or dad more, but I really had lớn pick, I’d say cha Tae Hyun.”

Despite the impressive and growing resume, there is still one actor she has yet lớn indulge in screen time with: former child star – and now dashing 18-year-old – Yeo Jin Goo. “Even though he’s younger than me, he has this deep look in his eyes and his voice is very attractive, but I’ll have to lớn get in line with everyone else that wants to act with him! (laughs)”

Bo Young also expressed her interest in working with do Kyung Soo (more commonly known as EXO’s D.O.), whom Jung Seok will be starring with in upcoming film Hyung, where they will play brothers.

“I’m definitely looking forward khổng lồ working with D.O.,” Jung Seok told us. “Although I have not met him yet, I watched his movie Cart and I really liked his performance in there.”