Mẹ Kế 2: Đứa Con Oan Nghiệt

A LAN is a local area network, a computer network covering a small local area, such as a home or office.

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LAN or Lan may also refer to:



Tap (valve)

A tap (also spigot or faucet: see usage variations) is a valve controlling the release of a liquid or gas.


British Isles


Faucet is the most common term in the US, similar in use to lớn "tap" in British English. Spigot is used by professionals in the trade (such as plumbers), & typically refers lớn an outdoor fixture. Bib (bibcock, and hose bib), same as "spigot". Wall hydrant, same as "spigot"



Water for baths, sinks và basins can be provided by separate hot & cold taps; this arrangement is common in older installations, particularly in public washrooms/lavatories và utility rooms/laundries. In kitchens and bathrooms mixer taps are commonly used. In this case, hot & cold water from the two valves is mixed before reaching the outlet, allowing the water khổng lồ emerge at any temperature between that of the hot and cold water supplies. Mixer taps were invented by Thomas Campbell of Saint John, New Brunswick & patented in 1880.


TAP2 is a gene in humans that encodes the protein Antigen peptide transporter 2.


The membrane-associated protein encoded by this gen is a thành viên of the superfamily of ATP-binding cassette (ABC) transporters. ABC proteins transport various molecules across extra- và intra-cellular membranes. ABC genes are divided into seven distinct subfamilies (ABC1, MDR/TAP, MRP, ALD, OABP, GCN20, White). This protein is a member of the MDR/TAP subfamily. Members of the MDR/TAP subfamily are involved in multidrug resistance. This ren is located 7 kb telomeric to ren family thành viên ABCB2 (TAP1). The protein encoded by this ren is involved in antigen presentation. This protein forms a heterodimer with ABCB2 in order lớn transport peptides from the cytoplasm to the endoplasmic reticulum. Mutations in this ren may be associated with ankylosing spondylitis, insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus, schizophrenia, và celiac disease. Alternative splicing of this gen produces two products which differ in peptide selectivity & level of restoration of surface expression of MHC class I molecules.

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TAP Portugal Flight 425

TAP Flight 425 was a regular flight from Brussels, Belgium, to lớn Madeira Airport (informally knoh3qvn.com as Funchal Airport), Portugal, with an intermediate scheduled stop in Lisbon. On November 19, 1977, the Boeing 727 operating the service overran Madeira Airport"s runway before crashing onto the nearby beach và exploding, killing 131 of the 164 people on board. It remains TAP"s only fatal accident in its history.


The aircraft operating flight TP-425 was a Boeing 727-282 Advanced registration CS-TBR named after the Portuguese aviation pioneer Sacadura Cabral. Its manufacturer serial number was 20972/1096 and was delivered lớn TAP on 21 January 1975. It was powered by 3 Pratt & Whitney JT8D-17 turbofan engines which had a maximum thrust of 16,000 lbf each. The aircraft had completed a B kiểm tra on 21 September 1977, & at the time of the accident had accumulated 6,154 flying hours in 5,204 cycles.

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Shortly before 9:48pm on that Saturday evening, after 13 hours and 15 minutes of service time, the tired crew of the 727 was trying to lớn land the airplane on the difficult Madeira airport runway, which at the time was 1,600 m (5,250 ft) long. After two unsuccessful attempts to lớn land the aircraft, the Captain João Lontrão & Co-pilot Miguel Guimarães Leal decided to lớn make one last try khổng lồ land the plane, before they would have lớn make the decision lớn divert to the Gran Canaria Airport in the Canary Islands.

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In the terminology of Islam, duʿāʾ (Arabic: دُعَاء‎, plural: ʾadʿiyah أدْعِيَة; also transliterated Doowa), literally meaning "invocation", is an act of supplication. The term is derived from an Arabic word meaning lớn "call out" or to "summon", & Muslims regard this as a profound act of worship. The Islamic prophet Muhammad is reported to have said "Dua is the very essence of worship," while one of God"s commands expressed through the Quran is for them to gọi out khổng lồ Him:

There is a special emphasis on du"a in Muslim spirituality & early Muslims took great care to record the supplications of Muhammad và transmit them to lớn subsequent generations. These traditions precipitated new genres of literature in which prophetic supplications were gathered together in single volumes that were memorized & taught. Collections such as Al-Nawawi"s Kitab al-adhkar và Shams al-Din al-Jazari"s al-Hisn al-Hasin exemplify this literary trend and gained significant currency among Muslim devotees keen to lớn learn how Muhammad supplicated to God.

Sex (disambiguation)

Sex may refer to:

Sex, the biological distinction of an organism between male, female or intersex, defined by the gametes it produces (or the reproductive organs it have), in anisogamous speciesSexual reproduction, a process of combining và mixing genetic traits, associated with the generation of new individuals, by means of meiosis & fertilizationAnimal sexual behaviour
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Sex (boutique)

Sex was a boutique run by Malcolm McLaren and Vivienne Westwood at 430 King"s Road, London between 1974 & 1976. It specialized in clothing that defined the look of the punk movement.

Early History

In October 1971, Malcolm McLaren và a friend from art school, Patrick Casey, opened a stall in the back of the Paradise Garage boutique at 430 King"s Road in London"s Chelsea district. On sale were items collected by McLaren over the previous year, including rock & roll records, magazines, clothing & memorabilia from the 1950s. From 1969-70, no 430 was the premises of Mr Freedom.

Trevor Myles (who ran Paradise Garage), relinquished the entire premises to McLaren và Casey in November 1971. They renamed the shop Let It Rock with stock including second-hand and new Teddy Boy clothes designed by McLaren"s school teacher girlfriend Vivienne Westwood. The shop-front corrugated iron frontage was painted đen with the name pasted in pink lettering. The interior was given period detail, such as "Odeon" wallpaper and Festival of Britain trinkets. Bespoke tailored drape jackets, skin-tight trousers, & thick-soled "brothel creepers" shoes were the mainstays. Let It Rock was soon covered in the London Evening Standard. In 1973 the outlet interior was changed và the shop was given a new name, Too Fast khổng lồ Live, Too Young to Die, to reflect a new range of clothing from Britain"s early 1960s "rocker" fashions. In the spring of 1974 the siêu thị underwent another refurbishment và was rebranded with the name Sex.