Hướng Dẫn Cách Tải Ch Play Cho Window Phone Mới Nhất 2020, Tải Facebook Cho Điện Thoại Windows Phone

Google Play Store for Windows Phone: Google Play Store is one among the various ứng dụng stores available that will store all the app android apps in it. Android platform has gained so much popularity as with its ease-of-use & the biggest collection of apps available. Have you ever thought to lớn use the Google Play Store on Windows Phone? If so then you can follow this article to lớn find out how khổng lồ use the Play Store on your Windows phone with ease. To everyone’s knowledge, Google Play Store is a digital distribution service with which you can browse and tải về apps developed especially for the Android platform. Not all of the tiện ích stores including the Microsoft Store has such a huge classification of apps & this is the reason for its users to lớn prefer the Google Play Store tải về for Windows phone. Although getting Google Play Store for Windows Phone isn’t a straightforward thing, you can still access the Play Store & all the android apps present in it. So the Windows phone users need not get neglected anymore as you can use the Play Store on your device too by sideloading it. Just like the app android OS, you will be able to use the Google Play on Windows phone along with all its different classifications of apps và games with an internet connection.

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Google Play Store for Windows Phone

Step 1: At first, you need to download thewconnectand theAndroid SDK’s ADB tool.

Step 2: Now you have khổng lồ unzip both the files in a separate folder.

Step 3: You have to xuất hiện the wconnect folder, & you can installIpOverUsbInstaller.msias well as the vcredist_x86.exefiles.

Step 4:Go to OpenSettings > Update và Security > For Developersand just tap theDeveloper’s ModeandDevice Discovery optionof your Windows Phone 10.

Step 5: Now you can go to the wconnect folder, and xuất hiện an Administrator command prompt by pressing the Shift+right click > xuất hiện the command window.

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Step 7:Type in the command on the command prompt wconnect.exe USB và then press Enter.

Step 8:Your WindowsPC will ask you for a pairing code và that will be shown on the Windows display. Give the code on your desktop and press Enter.

Step 9:On the command prompt, you have khổng lồ type ‘adb devices‘ and see the menu of devices that connected with your computer.

Step 10:Simply copy the android file lớn the ADB folder, type ‘adb install APKNAME.apk‘ and you need to replace the APKNAME with the game android file name. For, e.g., whatsapp-1.0.1.

Hope the article is useful khổng lồ in dealing with theGoogle Play Store for Windows Phone và you can comment us when in case of any queries.

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