The Legend And The Hero 2

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A messenger of the Heavens has arrived in Zhao Ge, which has been ruled by the Shang dynasty for generations. The current emperor, Zi Zhou, refuses to bow his head before the gods, và declares to the messenger that he will no longer accept the tyranny of the Heavens. The gods bởi vì not take this kindly; & soon, the emperor of a neighboring land, Wu Jifa, leads a crusade against the rebelling Shang.During the battle, the Shang forces are vastly overwhelmed, và just when the capital is inches away from being taken, Zhou joins the fight. Although he breaks through the enemy ranks và makes his way toward Jifa, out of nowhere a god falls from the sky, landing right before him, prepared khổng lồ personally khuyến mãi with the troublemaker.


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The Legend và the hero S1 reviews The gods in Wu Geng Ji are overexerting beings that control humanity from behind the scenes by enslaving prisoners of war and citizens khổng lồ collect blood crystal, a rare ore consumed by the gods. The shang Dynasty, one of the great powers in the world of Wu Geng Ji rejects the overbearing gods orders to xuất hiện a new blood crystal mine which leads the gods to lớn destroy the Shang Dynasty. Zi Zhou, the King of Shang Dynasty experienced the struggles in the mines & decided khổng lồ fight against the gods for the people of his Kingdom. He and ... His younger brother Zi Yu fight to lớn the death against many gods; However, even with the power of a Pheonix one of the most powerful Celestial beings Zi Zhou loses when Tian intervenes killing him. Wu Geng discovers his mother is a goddess, who shares her dying breath reincarnating him into another body toàn thân to follow fate and end the gods ruling. Story: 6/10The story starts off with great promise. The first impressions are that Zi Zhou is a tyrannical ruler by rejecting the gods messenger in the beginning. However, as the story develops and more details are revealed to us it becomes apparent that the gods are exploitative and have been for many generations. Zi Zhu's rebellion is a spark that will start a war between the gods and the humans eventually leading the war is Zi Zhu's son Wu Geng. However, in the first season we only see the character training arc and world building through the enslaved miners. The story shows a lot of promise và is actually very structured from the beginning despite being generally focused on combat aspects more than plot & character development.This fights in this series feel dragged out, the beginning fight alone lasted almost an hour, you're crazy if you think I'm going khổng lồ watch back and forth fighting for that long - it does this several times in the season which is ridiculous. Art & Sound: 6/10This series was released almost 4 years from now which is a surprise. The details và animation are pretty good for an older series. Series as old as this tend to lớn have cheap rendered CGI and character rigging but I seem this is an exception.The sound effects and music design are average.Character: 4/10Killing a lot of the main characters và even the MC in the first few episodes is very bold of Wu Geng Ji. It feels lượt thích this series doesn't really value character development unless its the main character otherwise everyone else serves as stepping stones for MC lớn get out of sticky situations. A few examples is when Wu Geng saves the ogre he fought và treated him lượt thích a friend yet he is on his deathbed at the entrance of the mines & Wu Geng does nothing khổng lồ preserve him. Or the old guy that is worried for Wu Geng's health when he leaves the sleeping chambers - Seems lượt thích it could have been omitted or elaborated instead of just being an add on character scene. These gaps in character development are noticeable và distracting dead ends that I hope are fixed in the future of the series. Overall: 6/10I might stick around on this series because I hear there is a lot of praise in the later seasons. So far, this might be a series lượt thích Battle Through the Heavens where it gets much better in the latter seasons because of change of art & story approach.