The new VRay 3.0 for 3ds Max is perfect for CG artists and designers. It is a complete và comprehensive physically-based lighting, shading và rendering toolkit. It can be seamlessly integrated into Autodesk 3ds Max software. The main reasons so many studios & artists rely on V-Ray are quality, speed and control. This new version delivers a whole new mix of features designed to help improve artist productivity và modern CG workflows. The newest version adds more artist-friendly controls, faster ray tracing, faster rendering performance and faster feedback. So you see, the newest version of V-Ray helps you work that much faster và better. You’ll have access to new production-focused tools, xuất hiện source workflows, plus advanced characters and creature. Buy V-Ray for 3ds Max now.

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What’s New with VRay 3.0 for 3ds Max


You can expect faster ray tracing performance, a new progressive production renderer và a render mask in VRay for 3ds Max Version 3. Plus you will find new reflection và refraction trace sets, faster hair rendering, deep image support, max ray intensity parameter và much more. Take a look at what the new progressive production renderer can do to help your workflow.

Lighting, Shading & Geometry

Now you can optimize your renderings of scenes with multiple lights using probabilistic light sampling. Chaos Group has added improved subsurface scattering, new VRMats, OSL support for programmable shaders and the new VRaySkinMtl. You can also create cutaway and section renders with the VRayClipper. Plus, V-Ray now offers metaballs with support for rendering implicit surfaces.

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The V-Ray user interface has been simplified offering easy access khổng lồ common controls. You will also find quick settings, a new V-Ray toolbar, new online documentation, alembic integration and much more. Things lượt thích an improved V-Ray frame buffer make your life easier because they now offer more màu sắc correction controls. Now advanced màu sắc management is aided by OpenColorIO and many more improvements.

Students, teachers and schools can get academic discounts on Chaos Group products like the new V-Ray 3.0 for 3ds Max, V-Ray for Rhino and many others at h3qvn.com.