Song ji hyo wants gary to call her; 'running man' members were disappointed with gary’s secret wedding

Recently, cast members Song Ji Hyo, Kim Jong Kook, HaHa, Lee Kwang SooJi Suk Jin visited Malaysia for a fan hâm mộ meeting. After they entertained fans with performances and gags, the members were eventually asked about Gary’s recent marriage.

Bạn đang xem: Song ji hyo wants gary to call her; 'running man' members were disappointed with gary’s secret wedding

On April 5, Gary surprised fans with an announcement about his marriage through Instagram. The sudden news came as a huge surprise as very few people even knew he was in a relationship.

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Song Ji Hyo, who was always extremely close with Gary on the show, was asked about her thoughts on Gary’s surprise news.

“I’m a bit sad as I only found out about it from the news. I wish Gary-oppa a happy marriage. He also changed his tương tác number so I hope he’ll contact us.”

— tuy nhiên Ji Hyo

Ji Suk Jin explained that Gary changed his number two months ago & added that they all understand his choice, while HaHa said that he tried to liên hệ Gary after hearing the news.

“I actually congratulated him but there was no reply. Gary-hyung is unique, he will find a way to liên hệ us.”

— HaHa

The members closed this topic by chanting “We Love Gary” & “7012″, a code signifying the show’s 7 original members while 012 is a play on the Korean word “forever.”

Watch the full đoạn phim with their statements below. 

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