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I am following a tutorial on how khổng lồ program the PL at run time for my ZedBoard. Tutorial Here.

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But I am stuck on the step where it says khổng lồ Convert.bit into.bin.From my understanding the difference between the two tệp tin types is that a bitstream contains a header.

Is there a command I can use to lớn convert this, is there something in the XSDK that I can vì to generate it from start up, or is there a way to manually strip the header file & rename it as a .bin?


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Following are some of the options:

Once you have generated the bitsteam (.bit file) from Vivado/Vitis, run the following command to get a boot image (.bin file): bootgen -image boot.bif -o i boot.bin

Further, you can also run the following command khổng lồ split the image to lớn get the bitstream binary bootgen -image boot.bif -split bin -w on -p xc7kxxxx -o i boot.bin

Else you can mix that option in bitstream settings while using Vivado GUI.

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To convert a bitstream .bit into .bin, these steps worked for me (Zynq Ultrascale+ device):

Create a .bif file with the following content

the_ROM_image: /.bitUse the bootgen tool provided by Xilinx to convert khổng lồ a .bin filebootgen -w -arch zynqmp -image convert.bif -process_bitstream bin


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