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From characters to story to lớn the fights, which anime is better between the iconic Naruto and the legendary One Piece?


Naruto and One Piece are two of the most popular anime series of the last đôi mươi years. They’re both long-running shonen anime with compelling stories và characters that viewers are desperate khổng lồ follow. They’re also very different takes on shonen tropes, with One Piece focusing on a pirate and his crew and their goal to capture the treasure called One Piece và Naruto focusing on a young boy who is determined to prove himself lớn a village that has disregarded him by becoming the greatest ninja in the village.

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There are definitely reasons viewers might think one of these anime is better than the other, but it’s definitely hard lớn choose. Here are five reasons One Piece is the better anime & five reasons na-ru-to rules the roost.


Since a lot of the characters have mystical powers, they’re not always just fighting with swords or their fists. This makes for a lot of exciting và unique fight sequences. Plus, the characters" powers from the Devil Fruits are all incredibly unique, giving each battle sequence a totally different (and often goofy) feel. Luffy, for instance, can stretch his body toàn thân like it"s made of rubber, which helps him gain momentum và also makes it hard to lớn injure him. 


Naruto, on the other hand, is a series about ninjas, so fighting is kind of the bread & butter of the series. Like in One Piece, the characters don"t just fight with fists & punches in this series. Each of the characters has their own specialty in battle, usually jutsu, which are almost magical powers that ninja can use by concentrating their chakra. Na-ru-to is one of the few characters who"s able lớn create Shadow Clones, for instance, which are physical replications of himself, that he can use in battle in order to trick someone or to lớn give himself some extra hands. 


One Piece can be a pretty goofy show, but it’s also really important that the series maintains a certain look, and the animation really serves its purpose here.

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Between Luffy’s strange anatomy & ability lớn stretch himself out và the ways people move during fights, there’s a really quaint look to lớn the series that makes it unique. More recent anime definitely have smoother anime, but One Piece goes for a classic, almost-Lupin III style lớn its animation.

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na-ru-to has some of the most iconic music in anime. Opening và ending themes are some of the most memorable things about a lot of anime, và Naruto, as a long-running series, has a lot of themes to choose from. “Fighting Dreamers” by Flow is maybe the most well-known of the naruto opening themes, but there are several that hold their own và make it so that people can’t help but bop their heads to lớn think about them.

The world-building in One Piece is really fun & complex, và it definitely creates a world that’s enjoyable for viewers lớn live in and experience. Between the various rules and culture that surround being a pirate in this world full of pirates and the use of the Devil Fruits, there’s a lot khổng lồ enjoy. Plus, there’s so much mythology surrounding One Piece, which is the treasure left behind by Gol D. Roger, & all of the characters, good và bad, have unique backstories about why they’re interested in it.

naruto is built around the idea that there are several fictional lands in the world, all of which have a hidden village in them where ninjas are trained và go to lớn work on missions like assassinations or acting as bodyguards.

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But beyond the way these villages work and interact, regarding exams and being allies or enemies, there are also the more magical elements, like demons that have khổng lồ be sealed away inside of people in order lớn keep them at bay and jutsu that give people powers. The intricate world-building involved in making all of these different elements work together khổng lồ create a cohesive series makes Naruto a very intriguing watch. 

One Piece has a lot of incredibly unique characters. In the Straw Hat Crew alone, there are a lot of different kinds of personalities, with each member of the crew out khổng lồ accomplish something different, và everyone bringing their own skills to the table. They"re all pretty goofy & fun, even those who have pretty dark backstories. The doctor of the Straw Hat Pirates is a literal reindeer, while Usopp is a cowardly pirate who"s afraid in battle, despite wanting lớn be a famous warrior. 

The characters in na-ru-to are also incredibly diverse & bring a lot of different skills and background to the table. Where One Piece has funny, weird characters who get into crazy situations, Naruto"s characters are younger, just 12 at the start of the series, and their issues, while made fantastic by the fact that they"re ninjas, are also really relatable. Naruto just wants lớn be accepted and acknowledged for his skills.

Sakura has to lớn overcome her boy-focused life in order khổng lồ take herself & her kunoichi training seriously. Hinata is weighed down by the expectations of her family & the fact that she"s not sure she wants to lớn take on the responsibility of leading them.

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One Piece is one of the longest-running manga series of all time, & it’s actually still going strong. The anime series, while currently on hiatus, has also been on air for more than trăng tròn years, only just recently having gone on hiatus after 929 episodes. So there’s no shortage of new adventures to go on with Monkey D. Luffy và his crew. The fact that there’s new manga material as well means that, with the exception of filler episodes, there’s actual story material for the anime lớn follow.

Naruto, on the other hand, is a complete story. While it is also an incredibly long-running anime, and actually split into a second anime following a time jump, na-ru-to Shippuden, the story is complete, so someone could watch the whole thing and actually get lớn an ending, with the satisfaction of knowing what happens to lớn Naruto and his friends.