With a major character exiting, a false ending was filmed for The Magicians season 4 finale, keeping the truth even from the cast.

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By Michael Ahr | April 18, 2019 | | Comments count:0

This article contains MAJOR spoilers for The Magicians season 4.

Fans of The Magicians are having mixed feelings after the tragic sacrifices made in the season 4 finale, và it’s not all about a major character having died. After all, Penny and Marina died in season 3, & the nature of the series allowed copies from another timeline khổng lồ rejoin the cast with different personas. Quentin’s heroic demise, however, was made much more final by the announcement that Jason Ralph has decided khổng lồ move on from the series, but the secondary shock comes from finding out that his departure was kept secret even from fellow cast members.

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According to an interview Ralph did with Entertainment Weekly, the decision to keep things on the down low was specifically designed to avoid any chance of spoilers leaking ahead of The Magicians season 4 finale. The cast found out Quentin’s death was actually final only two days before the finale. “I’ve been wanting lớn talk lớn them about this for a year now, and wanted lớn get it all done and have it finished in order to stop any spoilers from getting out,” Ralph explained. “John & Sera just finally let everyone know , so after my gọi you with you, I’m going khổng lồ be contacting everybody else và just saying goodbye.”

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Apparently, there was a false ending filmed that undid the sacrificial death lớn throw cast & crew off the scent. “There was a dummy scene at the over of the script that washed all of that away & found a way for Quentin to lớn survive,” Ralph confirmed. “So, everyone… was under the impression that’s what was actually going to lớn happen. They were playing it like he died for real. They just didn’t know it was going lớn be a forever decision.” As evidenced by the Tweet below from Arjun Gupta, who plays Penny on The Magicians, the ploy worked.

P.s. Found out a couple days ago that I filmed a false ending. I didn’t know how the episode ended till yesterday. Oh yeah folks. We went #GOT on this one!

— Arjun Gupta (

With many cast và crew members at a viewing tiệc nhỏ for the finale, the news must have been nearly as hard for Ralph’s colleagues on the show as it was for the viewing audience, và we’re left wondering what the secret ending was that never made it to air. Although Alice got the reconciliation she was hoping for in the end, those wishing for a more complete story for Quentin & Eliot, whose deeper relationship was only hinted at in The Magicians seasons 3 & 4, may have to lớn wait until season 5, and even then it will likely only be part of Eliot’s recovery story arc.

“I think had we given Quentin và Eliot a final scene, it would have had a kind of artificiality khổng lồ it for me, và it would have lessened the impact that it is going lớn have on Eliot going forward,” co-showrunner John McNamara told Vanity Fair in an interview. “Eliot is going khổng lồ be hugely changed by this, emotionally & psychologically, và in a way, ‘Queliot’ is never going to die as long as Eliot is alive.”

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In watching the behind-the-scenes antics for the episode below, there’s no indication that any of Ralph’s cast mates have any idea that Quentin’s death is anything other than an obstacle to lớn overcome in The Magicians season 5. “I was under a gag order, so I couldn’t talk to lớn anybody about it. I was the only person walking around with this information that I’m going lớn die at the over of this journey,” Ralph told EW. “It certainly informed my choices through the season, và trying to lớn get Quentin to lớn a place that would be cathartic & that we hadn’t left too many loose ends about who he is at its core. There’s a lot of plot stuff, but the journey of this person needed lớn feel complete.” Way to play it close lớn the vest!

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