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Wait, What?! I’m a Superhero Now?! Meow!

Ichigo has a date with the most popular guy at school & couldn’t be happier! Little does she know that her life is about lớn get a lot more complicated.

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E1 | Wait, What?! I’m a Superhero Now?! Meow!

Ichigo has a date with the most popular guy at school và couldn’t be happier! Little does she know that her life is about to get a lot more complicated.


E2 | What Makes a Real Friend?

Tracking down the other magical girls feels lượt thích herding cats, but Ichigo is determined to lớn find them! Will working at Café Mew Mew help her sniff out her allies?


E3 | A Stolen Kiss?! Mew Pudding is Here!

A much-anticipated outing with Aoyama takes a turn for the dangerous when a mysterious new enemy boldly introduces himself to Ichigo.

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E4 | Who Doesn"t Want lớn Be Her? Our Last member is a Huge Star!

The Mew Mews found a new member, but getting close to her is no easy feat. They"ll need khổng lồ audition for a musical if they want khổng lồ get anywhere near the intimidating Zakuro!

E5 | Smile, Mint! A Fancy Lady, Forlorn!

Mint is used lớn getting what she wants, so when a person she respects rejects her offer, she feels a little blue. Fortunately, she has Ichigo and the others khổng lồ cheer her up!

E6 | Hear My Voice! I Will Surpass Myself

Mint is determined lớn protect Zakuro from Kish, but with the team still missing its final member, keeping the fight away from Zakuro may be a losing battle!

E7 | A Farewell in a Flurry of Petals

New players join the game, but are they better or worse than the impish Kish? Meanwhile, news of the Mew Mews has spread, và keeping secrets has never been tougher for them!

E8 | Believe In Yourself - Romance on the High Seas

Lettuce is convinced that the only thing she’s good at is being bad at everything! But a soiree on the high seas may provide Lettuce the opportunity to lớn prove herself wrong.

E9 | Let Cupid’s Arrow Fly! The Super Secret Date Scheme!

Mew Aqua can turn the tide of battle against the Chimera Anima, but finding it won’t be easy. What else isn’t easy lớn find? Spare time lớn spend with Aoyama, in Ichigo’s case!

E10 | mèo Got My Tongue?! A Heart-Pounding Transformation!

A dangerous situation of epic proportions threatens thousands of civilians, but where the heck is Ichigo!? It’s a race against time to lớn find her & wipe out the alien threat!

E11 | Everyone’s Waiting For You! Run, Ichigo!

Aliens have invaded, but Ichigo is nowhere khổng lồ be found! Her friends have faith she’ll appear và lend a hand, but will she come to their aid in time?

E12 | Rain & Tears

The fate of the world (and Ichigo’s love life) depends on her finding precious Mew Aqua so she can clear both the air of Tokyo & the air between herself & Aoyama!

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