Download bluestacks app player for windows 10, 7, 8/8

BlueStacks tiện ích Player is one of the best tool for running your favorite mobile apps/games for miễn phí in full screen in your browser using a PC or Mac.

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BlueStacks puts the android operating system on your desktop. It allows you khổng lồ use your favorite sản phẩm điện thoại apps on a Windows or Mac. Tải về games like Angry Birds, Among Us, and không lấy phí Fire. Tải về apps lượt thích Evernote or Documents to lớn Go directly into BlueStacks. You can also sync the apps from your phone using the BlueStacks Cloud Connect game android app.

Why tải về BlueStacks?

BlueStacks allows you lớn run virtually any mobile tiện ích from the Google Play Store on your Windows or Mac computer. This includes thiết bị di động games which you can stream on YouTube or Twitch. Streaming from your computer is easier and more convenient since you don"t rely on your phone"s battery to bởi so.

Does BlueStacks requires my Google account?

Yes. Google account sign-in is required lớn install games or apps from the Play Store and troubleshoot as-is on your phone. But lượt thích any other game android device, you can create a new Google tài khoản just for BlueStacks if you don"t want to cốt truyện your Google account.

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Can BlueStacks play any android game?

You can run most điện thoại games available on the Google Play Store. BlueStacks will allow you khổng lồ play games such as điện thoại tư vấn of Duty: Mobile, King of Avalon, Among Us, Arknights, State of Survival, AFK Arena, and many more.

What version of android does BlueStacks emulate?

BlueStacks emulates apk 7.1.2 Nougat. Even though it"s an older version of Android, it"s very stable và has low requirements making it possible lớn run BlueStacks on any low-powered computer.

What are the system requirements to lớn run BlueStacks?

BlueStacks has fairly modest system requirements & should be able to lớn run on most modern computers without problems.

PC: Windows 7 or higher, 2GB of RAM is required, 5GB hard drive space, a multi-core CPU và broadband mạng internet access. Mac: macOS 10.12 (Sierra) or above, 4GB RAM is required, at least 8GB of storage space on your hard drive, a multi-core CPU and an intel HD 5200 graphics or better.


android apps fast và full-screen on your PC or tablet Push apps from your phone lớn your BlueStacks using our Cloud Connect mobile ứng dụng May not work fast yet on older tablets và netbooks download apps from Google Play Comes with pre-installed games and apps

What"s New

Bluestacks 5 online installer updated khổng lồ Bluestacks 4 updated khổng lồ

Bluestacks 5

Use apps that require your location and find nearby players to lớn level-up with by using "Set location" on BlueStacks 5! Quickly & easily arrange your BlueStacks 5 instances by auto-aligning them on any one of your monitors with a few clicks. Watch a movie or vị your homework on one monitor, while keeping your instances arranged in another to jump right back into the game! You can now mute or unmute BlueStacks 5 right away in one click! All your volume controls will now be available in one place. Perform actions that you don"t wish to trả lời on other synced instances, by quickly pausing/playing "Sync operations" with the Ctrl + Shift + p. Keys. Enjoy an enhanced gaming experience in Rise of Kingdoms with the performance optimizations available in the latest version of BlueStacks 5. Play không tính phí of worry since we"ve demolished several bugs reported khổng lồ us. MacOS Big Sur version updated khổng lồ

BlueStacks 5 comes with an overall improved performance than BlueStacks 4 starting from launch speed. Here"s what"s better in BlueStacks 5:

Less RAM usage Faster thiết đặt Easy multi-tasking Enhanced data security & more

Previous release notes:


You can now assign the MOBA D-pad easily in the Controls editor. Use it for better movement control in MOBA games, such as League of Legends: Wild Rift. Adjust the aiming sensitivity easily using the Controls editor. Use precision zoom lớn gain an upper hand in strategy games like ROK và SOS. Access advanced settings for key controls in the Controls editor with just one click. Use the gear icon at the bottom of each key control or simply right-click on the control key. The Settings menu is now more user-friendly. Allocation of CPU cores & RAM under the Engine tab has been made easier and all device-related settings are now available under the Device tab. Some UI improvements have been made khổng lồ the BlueStacks trang chủ screen for a more organized look. Various improvements give you better accuracy while using character skills in League of Legends: Wild Rift (com.riotgames.league.wildrift). Several bug fixes have helped us bring you enhanced and smoother gameplay. Some major bug fixes include: All the variants of điện thoại tư vấn of Duty: di động will no longer crash on launch. While playing PUBG: điện thoại Lite, you will no longer see the error "Server busy, please try again later".