The Hard Thing About Hard Thing Horowitz Ben

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LIGHTSPEED #1 was launched in June 2010, & now eight years later, we’ve reached a milestone: Issue 100. Lớn celebrate, we’re publishing a super-sized issue, with ten original stories–more than twice the amount of original fiction than usual–plus ten reprints và some special nonfiction khổng lồ boot. & to make things even more commemorative, the vast majority of our fiction in this issue, both original và reprint, comes from our most frequently published fiction contributors: the LIGHTSPEEDiest writers lớn ever LIGHTSPEED. It’s a distillation of what we’re made of, và we’re beyond excited to mô tả it with all of you.

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Our cover art this month comes from Hugo award-winning artist (and fifty-three-time LIGHTSPEED illustrator) Galen Dara, illustrating new science fiction from Vylar Kaftan: “Her Monster, Whom She Loved.” We also have new SF from Carrie Vaughn (“Harry and Marlowe và the Secret of Ahomana”), Adam-Troy Castro (“The Last lớn Matter”), Ken Liu (“The Explainer”), & Sofia Samatar (“Hard Mary”), plus reprints from A. Merc Rustad (“How khổng lồ Become a Robot in 12 Easy Steps”), Charles Yu (“NPC”), Caroline M. Yoachim (“Stone Wall Truth”), An Owomoyela (“Travelling Into Nothing”), Seanan McGuire (“Frontier ABCs: The Life và Times of Charity Smith, Schoolteacher”), and David Barr Kirtley (“They Go Bump”).

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On the fantasy side of the ledger, we’re featuring new work from Maria Dahvana Headley (“You Pretend like You Never Met Me, và I’ll Pretend like I Never Met You”), Cadwell Turnbull (“Jump”), Genevieve Valentine (“Abandonware”), Sam J. Miller (“Conspicuous Plumage”), and Kat Howard (“A Brief Guide lớn the Seeking of Ghosts”), plus we have reprints from Yoon Ha Lee (“The Coin of Heart’s Desire”), Theodora Goss (“Elena’s Egg”), Charlie Jane Anders (“The Super Ultra Duchess of Fedora Forest”), & Jeremiah Tolbert (“The Girl with Sun in Her Head”).

We’ve also got an array of nonfiction features, including a special celebration of our contributors’ và staff members’ favorite LIGHTSPEED stories of all-time, và then our novel excerpt this month is from ren Doucette’s THE SPACESHIP NEXT DOOR.